The Problem

In the world of project management software there are plenty of options to choose from. Jira, the largest in the industry, is chalked full of integrations, plugins, and processes for various management styles. All of these options can sometimes make the software hard to use at times and create confusion on how the tool should be used. Next you have products such as Monday and Asana that are trying to give the same options and customizable components as Jira, but with a more intuitive user experience. …

The Problem (BBcom) is one of the largest e-commerce supplement stores in the world, but like all great e-commerce stores, it still had room for improvement. BBcom was lacking a component the majority of other e-commerce stores had, product recommendation carousels.

Through screen recordings, we observed users searching within BBcom for a general product, such as protein. When they were brought to the search results, they would then navigate to a specific product. If the product was not what they were looking for, they would go back to the search results. …

An app to help keep college students and businesses up to date with trends — UX Design case study

The problem:

Colleges are ever changing. The trends people are following, the places people are going, and the kinds of events people are attending are and will always be different. This makes it hard for new students to keep up with what is going on, but more importantly it makes it hard for businesses to stay up to date with how to market towards younger generations.

Businesses cannot afford to miss out on trends and events these younger generations are participating in. According…

A website to help teach technology based skills — UX Design case study

What’s the problem:

While the tech industry continues to grow the demand for tech training grows with it. As the demand for training goes up, so does the price. The main goal for TechHaven was to design a solution to help train people that are on a budget. This would allow those people from low income backgrounds an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to get a career in the tech industry.

Process to find solution:

As a team we used the IDEO design thinking process (Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test) for this project…

Seth Wright

UX Designer based out of the Boise area.

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